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Toronto Event, Market & Festival Directory 

Toronto is a big and busy place, there is a lot going on all the time. Doing in person events is a great way to introduce your products and services to new audiences, build community connections and establish and maintain a personal rapport with your customers. We are here to make it easier to find the right market or event for your specific needs as a business. Find our curated directory of events, markets and festivals across Toronto broken down into easy to navigate categories like: 

Farmers Markets 

Art Events 

Vintage & Antique Markets


Speciality Events 

Each event, market or festival in our directory is vetted to ensure they are operational, reputable and well attended. Toronto Small Business Community updates this directory regularly to ensure it is up to date and accurate.

*If you would like your event to be included please reach out to us via the contact us section of our website.

The purpose of this directory to to assist small businesses in navigating events and connecting them to events that may be a good fit. Toronto Small Business presents an unbiased grouping of events, markets and festivals without prejudice. We reserve the right to omit any group, market or organizations for any reason. This directory is simply a series of recommendation. Please note at this time we are not accepting markets or events that have been in operation for less than three years.*

Couple Buying Asparagus

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are traditionally seasonally focused and will run annually for the spring, summer and autumn months of the year. Many take place weekly but depending on the region a market is located in, it can also be monthly. Farmers markets are predominantly food focused and make ideal places for food focused businesses and producers. For instance if you are a baker, have started selling your sauces or are selling food related items. This may be an ideal type of market for you. While many farmers markets also accept businesses that sell handmade items, not all do and it really does depend on the market itself. Toronto is home to dozens of farmers markets - most neighbourhoods have their own. Farmers Market Ontario is a regulated association of markets and provides a database of all farmers markets registered with their association. Simply click on the link below, choose Toronto and find out what farmers markets are available to you. You will be offered quick access to market information, website, and contact information.


Farmers Markets Ontario - Find A Market 

Art Events 

They say there is no greater joy than sharing your art with those are interested in art and its true! For many artists finding a place to showcase your art for sale can be difficult. For many artists an art specific event can be a wonderful stepping stone in business. Typically held annually or semi annually. Art specific events are typically juried and curated. Meaning interested applicants would have to submit your body of work or samples of the art you intend to show. It can be a longer application process than most other types of events but is very helpful for artists wanting to share their works. Below you will find a short list of Toronto art specific events. 

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair - Toronto

Toronto Art Crawl - Toronto

Artists Project - Toronto

Danforth East Art Fair - Toronto

Nuit Blanche - Toronto

Raw Artists Canada - Ontario Wide (Pops Up In Toronto)

Artist at Work
Trying On Vintage Clothes

Vintage/Antiques Markets

Do you sell vintage/antiques? If you do then you probably want to do it with like kind businesses. Vintage and antique markets only usually only  vintage and bring a variety of vintage sellers to one place and in tern attract customers and a specific audience. 

Hippie Market Life - Toronto

Toronto Vintage Show - Toronto 

Toronto Vintage Clothing Show - Toronto

The Sunday Antique Market - Mississauga


 Festivals can be a lot of fun and an excellent way to showcase your business to a very large audience. It can also be a lot of work. Events of these types are usually quite large, busy and with a variety of aspects. Like live music, food and beverage gardens, entertainment, food trucks and vendors - small businesses. There is a lot going on at such events. They take planning and preparation, but if you are up to the challenge its worth it! 

Do West Fest - Toronto 

Roncesvalles Polish Festival - Toronto

Salsa on St. Clair - Toronto

Luminato - Toronto 

Pride -  Toronto

Taste Of the Danforth - Toronto

AfroFest - Toronto

Vegandale - Toronto

Toronto Caribbean Carnival - Toronto

Toronto Ukrainian Festival - Toronto


Outdoor Market

Speciality Events

While every event, market and festival is special in their own unique way. There are some that are what is called a ''niche''. Curated for and attended by a specific grouping of visitors. Events such as these usually have themes or cater to a lifestyle. These can range from events that are food demographic based, lifestyle base or special interest base. It is important when looking to apply to such events that you know your target demographic as a business. While these types of events are very well attended and received they do often have special requirements that applicants need to meet. It can also be harder to get into such events but more often than not well worth the wait. 

Ontario Small Business Community - Toronto

Anime North - Toronto

Fan Expo - Toronto

Comicon Toronto - Toronto

CanGift Association - Toronto

The Yoga Conference - Toronto

TO Food & Drink Fest - Toronto

CNE - Toronto 

Royal Winter Fair - Toronto

One Of A Kind Show - Toronto

Signatures Markets - Toronto

The Bazaar of the Bizarre - Toronto

Toronto Stationery Show - Toronto

Toronto Flower Market - Toronto

INLAND - Toronto

Planted Expo - Toronto

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